Monday, October 13, 2008

Kootenay Cramp Results

Awesome race!!!! Thanks Mr. Marshall and Mr. Devina.  Don't forget about the race in Kaslo on WEDNESDAY this week.  For runners from Salmo, LVR and Traf we will be stopping at Ainsworth on the way home.  Most likely arrive in Nelson around 7:30.  


Jon said...

Results from Kootenay Cramp Oct. 9th

6-8 Boys

Trace Cooke Traf 14:10
Garrett Perry Salmo 15:20
Levi Stubbe WEG 16:00
Owen Thurston Traf 16:55
Hanno Southam Traf 17:46
Trennin Lifely Salmo 18:00

6-8 Girls

Lyla Mortensen WEG 16:27
Kirsten Douglas Traf 17:30
Abby Weir WEG 17:47
Darya Huser Salmo 18:31

Jr/Sr Boys

Shawn Degroot LVR 26:30
Lucas Smith JVH 27:30
Derek VandeursenJVH 27:42
Robin Birkett JVH 28:01
Dustin Mellus JVH 28:30
Shayan Lavoie LVR 29:10
Scott Phillips LVR 29:20
Satoshi KamimuraSalmo 30:20
Spencer Davie JVH 31:00
Brandon Exner LVR 31:50
Kevin Macdonald Salmo 33:50
John Fleming Salmo 35:40
Oliver Disselhoff LVR 35:45

Jr/Sr Girls

Lauren Degroot LVR 30:30
Kiraya Spencer LVR 31:30
Rahel Losier LVR 32:30
Sonja Poole LVR 33:15
Jesse Morassut SHSS 35:45
Chandrima LavoieLVR 35:55
Holly Heximer Rossland36:30

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
Has anyone seen a blue lululemon running sweater and black vest left at the Kaslo Run. If you could bring it to the next run thanks holly from RSS

Anonymous said...

I here that Kevin MacDonald Kid is getting good and ready to take a charge in the pack!


Usain Bolt